suji kanneganti


My practice often starts with a simple musing with material
a breadcrumb trail
a search for the “click” between what I’m feeling, remembering
and what I am seeing in front of me.

I am trying to uncover, materialize the connection between our internal and external realities. 

I avoid planning or preconceived concepts with the intention of channeling something deeper that exists beyond language and logic.
I believe our inner worlds are much more complex than what we can currently put to language. 

I also believe our individual experiences hold a common thread that runs between us all.

I am not interested in telling you what to think or feel.
I'm not interested in spelling out my concepts to you.
...but I am interested in What You think? What You feel when experiencing the art?

Over time, I notice a common thread between the many individual reactions to my artwork, and my own.
This overlap, this shared space, between me, art, and audience is what I am ultimately curious about.

I often ponder the rise of separateness in our current culture, causing humans to become less harmonious, less empathetic.
In the face of fast culture and highbrow art, I think many of us have lost connection to our innermost selves, and thus to each other.  

My hope is to stir something within the viewer through these open-ended abstractions.
My hope is to invite the viewer to go within and explore that stirred space, just as I do when I create.

My hope is to be a stance against this current cultural moment with my art practice, and to invite the audience to consider the same.


Based in Philadelphia, PA.
Suji Kanneganti is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on abstracting the invisible into the physical.  Much of the work also has a subtle interactive quality, be it with the viewer and/or the environment, including light or motion activated materials, sensitive installations, and the like.  She often enjoys pushing materials to its limits.
A background in science and psychology influences her process to be led by curiosity...often being experimental, intuitive, and organic.

Suji's earliest practice started with sculpture and installation.  Towards the end of grad school, she became curious about the limitlessness of paint, and bridging her processes with material in sculpture/installation with that of large-scale paintings--large enough pieces that allow the viewer to "enter" something that feels more experiential than viewing a painting as an object. 
While she still experiments with any and all media still to fit a musing, pushing paint and color to new limits is her latest curiosity. 

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